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A GURPs RPG with a hybrid roman / traditional medieval setting

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As you may be aware, I've been working on a new game.

I've put a fair amount of effort into this game. I have a number of things I want to do differently in this game, for example I’ll be handling some sections via FB messenger (including during the game - your character may see something different to the others, and I’ll send you a message. In general, I encourage you to keep these to yourself until the situation is resolved.)

Also, I've been drawing images for NPCs. I’m sorry they're trashgarbage. If someone wants to improve on them, I'll send them over to them before the game starts haha.

Things you need to know before we begin: The empire in which you live is based somewhat on the roman empire -- it’s kind of a hybrid between standard medieval england that most games are based on and roman stuff. This means that slaves are a normal part of life. ‘Good’ aligned characters would have no issue with people (including themselves) owning one. It kind of works out that most people wear standard fantasy garb, but when someone needs to 'dress well', they'll wear roman style robes.

General rules of thumb for playing the game: If you’re playing a non-human race and say something about what your race is like, generally I’ll just roll with it, provided it doesn’t contradict anything that’s already ‘canon’. Or you can do the usual thing and ask what I think, as I created the races~

Please don’t roll dice without being told to. Describe what you do and if a roll is needed, I’ll say. If you’re not under stress, I’m not going to make you roll dice for most things. Jamie Oliver doesn't burn food 1 / 20 times, so the DnD fumble rules should never apply.

Monsters are fairly regional - you may know all about the monsters that live in one area, and then travel a little bit and have no idea what you’re facing. Many such monsters will be relatively original.

Adventuring tasks are wide and varied, and can include detective style work, or even political emissary missions. A diplomat character with no combat skills could even work (though there will be plenty of combats, so you might want to give them a bodyguard you can stab stuff as…). If the party is purely combat, there will certainly be missions that you’ll find challenging.