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The more backstory the better. The game will start with your character applying to join the adventurer’s guild - your characters aren’t expected to know one another prior to session 1 unless you want them to. I will expect a bit of a description of what led you to apply, life growing up, what you’ve previously done, and if you’re older than just a teen, what you’ve been doing to make a living until now.

Tech Level

The baseline tech level of this game is 3.

We're basically at the equivalent of 800-1000 AD in the real world. So we have no big ships with sails, things are still pretty medieval.


There is no restriction on your race.


There are no real classes in GURPs. This means you're pretty free to play whatever you like.

General Professions

Some ideas for professions that people might be inclined to pursue:

  • Hedge witch. Smaller towns will often have a hedge witch - a low end healer and brewer of potions (think Lancre in Discworld, or the painted man series)
  • Monster hunter. They collect monsters for the arena.
  • Diplomat. Essential to to realm. As the empire grows, so too does the need to pass messages between the provinces.
    • Playing a diplomat. (fill in later)


Clerics don't exist in the traditional DnD sense. If you want to run a character that emulates a traditional DnD Cleric, go for it.

You could also choose to be a completely non-magical priest. Priests in this world are much more akin to our own world, more a mouthpiece for the heavens, as opposed to a magic source of their gods will.

You can, still choose to play a cleric with curative magic, etc, who spouts religious gospel and say that your power comes from the gods.

Similarly, Paladins don't really have a place, but you can still play an equivalent if you want to.


In GURPS, the term mage encompasses everyone who uses magic. You can use death magic and healing magic. You can use magic while stabbing people. There isn't really a distinction between wizard and sorceror. You can choose to make that distinction if you want to.


As guns are TL4, you will need to buy a tech level increase. Bullets are made with the alchemy skill, so a gunslinger will probably want TL increase, alchemy, and probably armory. Guns are typically rifles. Some smaller arms have been made, but they're not as common due to the complexity to make, and that they need more skill to use properly. Most rifles fire once before needing to be reloaded. You can't buy them anywhere except in major cities, and you will get strange looks when using them. You can’t expect pointing a gun in someones face to cause fear - they've probably never seen one before.