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The adventurers guild is the most important weapon for any would be hero. If you walk into a guys house and a fight breaks out, you’re probably going to be charged with murder. That sucks! The adventurers guild will protect you from any such legal action provided you can prove it was even tangentially related to your official Guild Quest. Join today!

It’s not a get out of jail free card. If you genuinely just murder someone, you’re still SOL.

There is a guild fee of ten percent, five of which is govt taxation.

The guild works on a tier based system. Lowest tiers are the newbies and they will perform basic tasks that are assigned to them. Proceeding up the tiers allows for more freedoms; choosing your missions, suggesting missions (w/ approval), suggesting missions (w/o approval), and finally “Free agents” who can do what they like, but are always considered to be acting on behalf of the guild.

Fees are paid to the guild before the mission starts and paid to adventurers after the mission is complete. This basically covers the party dying and another party being required...

Each group is also presented with unique coins, which they can give to someone so that they may be hired 'on the fly'. These tokens are technically a cursed item - Someone in possession of one can't get rid of it, and can't have more than one. If someone wants you to investigate something and haven't lodged a job, you give them a token, which they take to the guild office to officially open the task with you already assigned to it.