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There are no playable races besides those listed below.


I’m not writing a description for humans, fuck off.

Human stats are the baseline.


Stocky genderless humanoids born by a Dver chiseling a pair of statues and sacrificing themselves to create two new lives. They are adept at mining and metalwork. They also tend more towards healing magics rather than destructive. They mine to find the ‘right stone’ to carve, and metals (etc) are typically thought of as a byproduct of this pastime, however useful.

A dver can live indefinitely, generally dying only when they choose to create life. Partly because of how their line continues, dver value life above all else. They have a high rate of healers in their cities - their knowledge in this area is unparalleled.

Their skin matches the colour of the stone they were created from, though any gems and metals inside tend to create large blemishes of that colour on the skin.

The ‘right stone’ is different for every dver; a dver can inherently tell that a block of stone is the right stone for someone, but for their entire life, they will feel a pull to their stone. When they get older they get a better sense for how far away, etc. the stone is, and some dver whose stone is a long way away will go on a pilgrimage.

Attribute Modifiers: HT +1 [10]. Advantages: Dark Vision [25]; Extended Lifespan * [*], Resistant (Magic, +3 to resistance rolls) [10], Resistant (Poison, +3 to HT) [5]. Perks: Can intuitively know the depth underground [1], Resistant To Knockback 2 (+2 to ST for knockback purposes only) [2]. Quirks: Vulnerability to Bright Lights (-3 to all HT rolls to resist the effects of sudden bright lights) [-1].


Nothing special. Anthropomorphic lions.

Attribute Modifiers: ST +2 [20]; DX +1 [20]; HT +1 [10]. Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per +1 [5]. Advantages: Discriminatory Smell [15]. Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Personal, at least -5 points) [-5]. Racial Skills: Survival (Plains) (a) Per [2].

Variant artrox; White. Lose survival (plains), gain cold resist.


Forest and cave dwelling, nocturnal humanoid. They are very slim, with pale skin, dark eyes, angular features. Not many people are aware, but the females also have a venomous bite (If you don't buy this, it's okay - Ulddain are generally loathe to use it in company). The Ulddain are basically everything that humans find creepy and terrifying, which is somewhat ironic, as the Ulddain are actually quite a friendly and welcoming species (though as with any intelligent species, this is obviously not always true). For example, when they first met humans, they specifically learnt how to cook meat just to be more accommodating. Ulddain in different areas are slightly different in this regard, though. In some parts of the world, for example, there were human-lead Ulddain hunts, so there is very little love between the races.

When travelling, ‘wild’ Ulddain are somewhat uncomfortable in plains, preferring to sleep in trees or caves. ‘Metro’ Ulddain tend to be less skittish about sleeping on the ground, but in their homes will sleep on the ceiling.

Attribute Modifiers: DX +1 [20]; HT -1 [-10]. Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per +2 [10], HP -1 [-2]. Advantages: Extended Lifespan 3 [6], Night Vision 3 [3], Resistance to poison [Check cost], Climb [Check cost]