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The accords

In order to establish racial peace across the land, the accords were created. After the Ulddain hunts in the south, and various other fights between races, tensions were high in cities with mixed races. Emperor Axius sent a messenger to every leader, even the ones they were at war with, stating the intentions. The accords are not intended to serve as peace treaties between nations or areas, purely for relations between races.

These outline laws between races. It includes, but isn’t limited things like “Dvero may excavate and mine beneath human cities freely provided they build and maintain a working sewer system” “The murder of any intelligent being must be treated the same no matter the race of the being” (Which is to say, a Dvero, Artrox or an Ulddain murdered in a human city must be investigated as if a human had been murdered) “Suitable punishments may NOT include execution. Slavery or imprisonment are suitable depending on the weight of the crime” -- This was a heavily debated law. Dvero would not budge on ‘no executions’, as life is so important to them. Humanity wanted execution, because it’s easier. Eventually, to end the arguments, Ulddain suggested “writing slavery into law - humans already had it, after all…”. The Artrox basically didn’t care - honour dictates that they serve whatever punishment is found to be fair.

Secaia Empire

The expansion of the empire started several decades ago with the empresses father, Axius. After his death, she was named successor. At 28, Empress Aurelia isn’t the youngest leader the empire has ever had, but she is the youngest female. There are some who believe that she’s weak and can be controlled, but she’s proven to be quite an adept politician and has already managed to expand the empire in her 6 year rule. The empire originated from the island and expanded to the tips of the mainland.

Other kingdoms

There are several other kingdoms in the realm. The borders are constantly changing, as they’re pretty much all at war. None are expanding quite the same as the empire, however.