Storm Kings Thunder

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Daz is running a canned adventure!

Fifth edition, campaign is Storm Kings Thunder.

Character Building

I have no strong feelings about using standard array, point buy or rolling for stats. Probably go for standard array.

The campaign focuses on Giants, so that might be something to keep in mind while building characters.

I'm allowing anything published in first party books, which is pretty much just the core books + Sword Coast Adventurers Guide. The first expansion book, Xanathars Guide to everything comes out in November, and I will allow players to make changes if anything in that is cool. Third party books are not considered.

We're in the north of sword coast, so while some things are in the books, they might not work super easily. Such as Purple Dragon Knight, as Cormyr is off to the east. Red wizard of Thay is also unlikely to work, as thats WAAY to the east. You can always come up with something to make them work, but hey.

Misc Notes

I'll be running some encounters on a grid, but probably won't do this for all of them. The encounters that are done this way will be done on a square grid, with diagonals equalling 5 foot (I'd just use a hex grid, but that fucks up square spells a whole lot...).

I'm not going to bother handing out experience points. Levelling up will happen when you reach a particular milestone in the campaign. This just cuts out a little bit of tedious accounting.

Rules changes to keep in mind

Five foot step is gone.

Attack of Opportunities have been completely changed. I'll explain combat rules over the first few sessions, no real need to read up on them.

Fifth edition is pretty stingy with magic items, and this is compounded by the fact that many (probably more than half) require that your character attunes to them, with a cap of three attuned items.