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So I'm getting stuck on Secaian Dawn, mainly because I haven't had time to make the props that I want to have for it. But I want to play a game with you losers again, so I figure I have to run one instead of bitching until one of you does it :)

This is one of those games where I would be mostly running it off the cuff and making most of it up as I go.

What is Thaumic Blue?

Every time I read through Harry Potter, I want to run a game where you play as Aurors, however the Harry Potter setting is trash for game balance. I had been planning this game to be kind of like playing as White Council enforcers from the Dresden Files. I've recently been reading Rivers of London, where the magic cops are a part of the official cops, which would actually make a lot of things a lot easier in terms of making shit up. In general I'm pretty much going to have an idea for a crime and start making up what actually happened while you're investigating lol.

I'm going to run this a lot more freeform than most other games. If you says "I use a spell to knock a bookself over on them" and I havent said that theres a bookself there, then unless it really doesn't fit, or if I've given a very specific description for a room, then Oh hey! theres a bookshelf there.

It'll be in GURPS, as I don't want a Vancian magic system.


I need a vote on a setting. There are pretty much three options, but feel free to offer other alternatives.

First is I invent a new city in WA. This would basically entail making one of the rivers in the state bigger and putting a city there. The city would be smaller than Perth, have a lot more Victorian architechture and maybe be boring, 'cause WA is boring? Pros: ???. Cons: Gun laws are tight in WA, so combats might be boring.

Second is that I revisit a city I created in a previous game for my other group, Ferret City in the US (Specifically Nevada). Previously, a group of people working for the Parasol Corporation fought back an invasion of the biblical Liliths interdimensional children, the Lililn (aka. the Drow). Pros: It's the US, so gun laws are loose and it's easier for cops to get away with leaving a trail of bodies, as you may in an RPG... Cons: ???. This is what I'm leaning towards.

Third is to put it in the UK somewhere. Pros: A lot of rich magic background to draw from. Cons: It's a lot harder to make stuff up for England than the US/AU.

Regardless of the location, magic will exist and there will be a set of laws and agreements in place to keep it hidden from the general public and police it.

Character Creation