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Amberra, the rainbow metropolis

The most immediate feature of this city is the landmass floating above it. There are three levels of the city, the most sprawling part on the ground. During an invasion hundreds of years ago, the populace fled in two directions - into the sky and into the ground. Initially, most of the people who fled into these hideouts returned to their homes, but both of these bunkers remained intact and eventually simply became extensions of the city.

There are teleportation pads scattered throughout the city which allow for seamless travel between the three areas and the people who live there are quite used to it - directions to a store may include a shortcut through the aerie or underground, for example.

The aerie

Since it's creation, the aerie has been raised - it's now roughly 2km in the air. Some measures have been taken to prevent people getting sick, but a small percentage of people have negative effects from travelling there (with some variance across races). There is a water feature around the aeries perimeter. On most days, this causes a rainbow to appear over the city, giving it the subtitle.

The underground

The underground is arguably the most difficult of the locations to navigate - the cities stoneshapers (effectively mages with nothing but masonry spells) are constantly at work excavating more new areas and redesigning other areas at the will of the underground council.

The lagoon

Only recently built, the lagoon is another teleporter linked area of the city built for closer relations with some of the nearby aquatic peoples. It's an underwater bubble; basically a miniature Atlantis.